Joachim Froese

Collection by 寒冰 魏

寒冰 魏
david hilliard - Miracle, 1994 Combing three different photos to create a single image is a cool idea and looks a bit strange when the photos look disconnected from each other due to size differences or different angles of the scene.

david hilliard - I choose this photo because I think it works well as a triptych. I don't think the image would have as much power had each photo been shown individually. I also find it interesting how he divided each piece going down from his head to his hand, with different depth of field. AS

Archetyp fotografii – Froese, Przyborek, Matsubara - Wydarzenia O. Still Life Photography, Artistic Photography, Food Photography, Hip Workout, Board Ideas, Grid, Photographers, Lens, Artists

Archetyp fotografii – Froese, Przyborek, Matsubara - Wydarzenia

fotografie, Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Łaźnia w Gdańsku, Gdańsk, Grzegorz Przyborek, Joachim Froese, Ken Matsubara