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James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray - husband of Agnes Keith and son of King James V with his favorite mistress, Margaret Erskine. - 16th Maternal Great Grandfather.

On this day in 1570 James Stewart, Earl of Moray, and regent for the infant King James VI of Scotland, was fatally shot by James Hamilton, a supporter of Mary Queen of Scots.

James IV, King of Scotland, Husband of Margaret Tudor, grandfather of Mary Queen of Scots

James Iv King Of Scotland 1473 - 1513 Engraved By Gerimia From The Book A Catalogue Of Royal And Noble Authors Volume V Published 1806 Canvas Art - Ken Welsh Design Pics x

Joan Beaufort (c. 1404 – 15 July 1445) was the Queen Consort of Scotland from 1424 to 1437 as the spouse of King James I of Scotland. During part of the minority of her son James II (from 1437 to 1439), she served as the Regent of Scotland. She was a daughter of John Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset and Margaret Holland, and a half-niece of King Henry IV of England. James of Scotland fell in love with her during his time as a prisoner in England (1406–1424).

Margaret of Scotland (French: Marguerite d'Écosse) December 1424 – 16 August was a Princess of Scotland and the Dauphine (spouse of the heir apparent or "dauphin") of France. She was the firstborn child of King James I of Scotland and Queen Joan Beaufort.

King Edward II of England - 21st Maternal Great Grandfather

King Edward II was born in April 1284 and died September Edward the second was also known as Edward of Caernarfon. He was the king of England from 1307 until January He was the fourth son of the original Edward the first.

15th c. Sarum Use Book of Hours - Katherine Swynford, a royal mistress who became one of the most crucial figures in the history of Great Britain. Born in the mid-fourteenth century, Katherine de Roët was only twelve when she married Hugh Swynford, an impoverished knight. But her story had truly begun two years earlier, when she was appointed governess to the household of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and fourth son of King Edward III.

Sarum Use Book of Hours - Katherine Swynford; via her longtime relationship with and marriage to John of Gaunt, Katherine became ancestress of the Beaufort (and ultimately the Tudor) line.