Gluten free chocolate mud cake

Rich, silky gluten free mudcake, made with a whole block of gorgeous dark chocolate. Easy to make, even easier to devour. Another fantastic recipe from Chelsea Winter!

Gluten free ginger & nut slice

Delicious oaty ginger slice with rich caramel and ginger flavours. Super quick and easy to make - one of the favourites from Chelsea Winter& cookbook!

Oatmeal Pancakes

Breakfast And Brunch, Oatmeal Pancakes Ii, I Make This For My Kids Quite Often. It Is Very Simple. Preparing The Batter In The Food Processor Makes It That Much Easier. Serve With Syrup And Butter. Also Good With Applesauce!

Chicken & pumpkin lasagne

Chicken & pumpkin lasagne - attempted this tonight and turned out BEAUTIFUL! My fiancé quoted "restaurant quality." The pumpkin adds a stunning slightly sweet taste. Definitely saving this for future dinner parties!

Choc muffins

Chocolate cupcakes

These rich, dark chocolate cupcakes are the ultimate pick-me-up. Made with real chocolate, my favourite choc cupcake recipe

Old-Fashioned Date, Bran and Walnut Loaf

Dense and moist fruit loaf of the sort your grandma used to bake. Here's a comforting and earthy bake from Sarah Tuck.

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