Peter Cardale

Peter Cardale

that birth date is wrong, wont change, it was 1957 August
Peter Cardale
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Your dog, not your girlfriend.

Whose line is it anyway. Things you can say to your dog but not your girlfriend--I love these guys.

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Cause if u are it's ok I don't want u to get the wrong impression about me

Funny pictures about Scared Prius. Oh, and cool pics about Scared Prius. Also, Scared Prius.

hehe.   Read More Funny:

How many tickles does it take to make a squid laugh? This made me laugh way too hard!

Hahahaha. Laugh out loud!

This is so evil and it really does showcase the darker sode of my sense of humor but ehhh . i'll pin it anyway funny pictures funny memes, funny images, funny kids with sayings, funny quotes and sayings