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kimmi eru

Wellington, New Zealand / aspiring graphic designer, new zealand, positivity, inspiration, 60's, music, travel, culture.
kimmi eru
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So grateful for my Soul Sisters in Jesus. S is for soul sister.: "Black ABCs" by the Society for Visual Education in Chicago, Illinois,


Narrative Spark: An artist sits down at an easel and plunges a brush into a clear pot of water. They hesistate, load the brush with paint and begin to create an image from memory. Which colour do they begin with and what do they paint? (Photo by Gennine)

James Franco

franco can wear this shirt cause he truly does have swag . and class Fernanda - I couldn't care less about what shirt franco is wearing, in fact we would all be better if he just got rid of them all ;

Pete Doherty

No one wears a suit like him; it's the perfect clash of effortless rocker and English trash/class

John Mayer

John Mayer and that sleeve. when did that happen? Never knew he was into tats - as long as he just sings I'm cool with John - Just don't let him run his mouth!