New Zealand | The Maori; "Ta Moko" | ©Jimmy Nelson / Before They Pass Away.

Members of the Maori Tribe of New Zealand: “Indigenous Maori people can be traced back to the century, the mythical homeland Hawaiki, Eastern Polynesia.” Jimmy Nelson photo series ‘Before They.

Rock carving -Lake Taupo - 01_New_Zealand_Lake_Taupo.jpg (750×1000)

21 places you have to see by water

Lake Taupo Carvings, New Zealand. Maori rock carvings at Mine Bay on Lake Taupō, over 10 metres high and are only accesable by boat or Kayak. I've been to lake Taupo, but haven't seen these carvings.


Man in traditional clothes from Maori tribe, indigenous people of New Zealand

Glow worm caves New Zealand

Waitomo glow worm caves, New Zealand. Waitomo Glow worm Caves, New Zealand. Glow worm cave, New Zealand. The walls glitter with glow worms in the dark, like a night sky

Maori woman - Tattoo arts are common in the Eastern Polynesian homeland of Māori. Men generally received moko on their faces, buttocks (called raperape) and thighs (called puhoro). Women usually wore moko on their lips (kauae) and chins. Other parts of the body known to have moko include women's foreheads, buttocks, thighs, necks and backs and men's backs, stomachs, and calves.

Young Maori Woman with Moko Wearing Korowai Cloak and Hei Tiki, Foy Brothers, Thames (New Zealander), c. Albumen carte-de-visite photograph, x cm This photograph displays a Maori.

Fish and chips in newspaper.. the way it should be.

FISH & CHIPS: Fish and chips in newspaper - the way they were traditionally served.

The Wizard of New Zealand (born Ian Brackenbury Channell, London).  Humourist.  He started preaching from atop a ladder in Cathedral Square, Christchurch in 1974, and in 1990 became the only person ever to be appointed Official Wizard of a country by a modern government.  He was awarded the Queen's Service Medal in the Birthday Honours list of 2009.  <3 NZ

The Wizard (born Ian Brackenbury Channell, London). He started preaching from atop a ladder in Cathedral Square, Christchurch in

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