Flax fish for Matariki - Fifi Colston instructions

Flax fish for Matariki - Fifi Colston instructions Link with "The Little Fishes" legend -

Maori Alphabet Chart

A nice bi-cultural chart of the Maori alphabet for teachers to be able to include in their classrooms.


Found online 2017 when working on easy ways to be culturally responsive in the classroom. Easy visual to give to teachers as a starting point for novices.

40 waiata - songs & videos, free download! Such an amazing resource, & so generous!

Aimed towards preschool/Junior school but could be used further up.

How to make Flax Flowers! Full tutorial - Pin and Click to see more. Visit www.ellecherieblog.com

Step by step instructions on how to make Flax Flowers

Have you heard of flax flowers? Not sure how to make them? Read on to see a step by step guide on how to make this beautiful flowers that last a long time.