This Fountainscape has a 200 litre underground reservoir with auto top-up so the pond will always be full and the water level will never change.

This pond project had very difficult access. Shows how we can build a pond or water feature on almost any site!

Villa Ridge

We built this Pondless Waterfall in the Villa Ridge Garden Centre, Tauranga NZ.

Papamoa Project

Finished this formal pond today. It features a Skimmer filter & Back-washable Bog/Wetland filtration, waterlilies going in next Spring.

Katikati Project

We built this one last week, really happy with the waterfall & stream considering the limited space I had to work in.

Clevedon Project

We helped our clients get this pond ready for water, then left them to finish off.

RetroFit Waterfall

I had a client request a rock waterfall that the children could jump into his swimming pool from.

Motion Activated Sprinkler

motion activated, water spray solution for deterring pests around the pond and garden that connects to your garden hose!