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Shazam! - A Celebration of 75 Years

Shazam ganha encadernado para comemorar 75 anos - UNIVERSO HQ

A DC Comics publicará o encadernado comemorativo Shazam! - A Celebration of 75 Years.

Shazaaam by *MarcWasHere on deviantART

Shazaaam by MarcWasHere on DeviantArt

Print for the recent STGCC in Singapore. Had fun doing him, one of my fav old superheroes, The Big Red Cheese. Likened him much to Alex Ross's rendition... Shazaaam

Shazam! , Joey Vazquez

Quick digital sketch I did last night. Gonna try and post on the regular here. I've got a bunch of art I still haven't posted. I know the cape should be going behind him, but I just liked the way it looked here. Hope you guys like it. God bless!

Captain Marvel by Alex Ross

Captain Marvel by Alex Ross

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A Delightful Start to a New Series in SHAZAM #1 - ComicsVerse

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Geek The Geek — Shazam! by Forty-Fathoms

Captain Marvel/Shazam by Alex Ross

Captain Marvel/Shazam by Alex Ross

Im a sucker for hd pics
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Im a sucker for hd pics

Captain Marvel by Evan "Doc," Shaner

Laura Wattie (@LyraFay)

The latest Tweets from Laura Wattie (@LyraFay). Allo I'm Laura. Inspiring to be a writer of epic. A listener of music. Lives in a house of books and a lover of myth and folklore. #ActuallyAutistic. Lilac Woods

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Is Captain Marvel... Overpowered? - Billy Batson - Comic Vine


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heeey-lola: “ shazam! ϟ and his foes “in convergence - shazam (2015) by evan “doc“ shaner ” ”