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russian avant-garde. G1. Political Correctness in it's literal form. Poster that supports a specific political party.

Constructivism – Brett

Russian Constructivism- Gustav Klutsis - Workers, "Everyone must vote in the Election of Soviets!

iakov chernikhov

Here are a few examples of perspectives and an axo from Russian Constructivist architect and graphic designer Iakov Chernikhov.

1920s by russian constructivist artist alexander rodchenko                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Shepard Fairey /Propaganda Poster Art after Russian Constructivist artist Alexander Rodchenko

Russian artist unknown, Half Nude Woman.

MID-CENTURIA : Art, Design and Decor from the Mid-Century and beyond: Russian Constructivist Paintings: Metropolis

Oppressed peoples of the whole world (...)  _1924klutsis

Gustavs Klucis_Oppressed Peoples of the Whole World (.) Latvian National Museum of Art

Russian Constructivism - Kazimir Malevich ~ Dynamic Suprematism - completely eliminated the object. What its paintings achieved are fundamentally only pure interrelationships. Flatly extended rectangles and strips float in continuous interrelation in space for which there is no true human measure.

Dynamic Suprematism by Kasimir Malevich :: Kasimir Malevich :: Dynamic Suprematism by Kasimir Malevich

Russian Constructivist film poster utilizing photomontage, designed by Georgi and Vladimar Stenberg 1929.

Georgii and Vladimir Stenberg - 1929 construtivist movie poster for the film The Man With a Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov)