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Guitar blank fretboard charts 15 frets with inlays

Free, printable blank guitar tab and fretboard charts, and a powerful visualization chart for learning the notes on the fretboard.

16 Basic Ukulele Chords - 16 คอร์ดพื้นฐานอูคูเลเล่

Learn to play ukelele 16 Basic Ukulele Chords - 16 คอร์ดพื้นฐานอูคูเลเล่

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A chord progression cheat sheet I made after discovering the greatness of the chord-numbering system. Once you know all the chords in any major scale you can use this number system to jam or write songs.

This is "The Blues Scale" a.k.a. the Minor Blues Scale.  It has one functional mode (Major Blues) built on the b3.

Blues (Minor Blues) Scale Guitar Patterns- Chart, Key of A. The blues scale adds in a flat of what was the note

True Octave

Here are some free guitar chord charts you can refer to as you go over the video's. The more you use these guitar chord charts the more they will begin.

Chord Progressions

The Music Center. Tips And Tricks To Learning The Guitar. It can be great to learn guitar.

Free guitar tab blank paper for teachers - like staff paper, but with guitar tablature!

Free guitar tablature paper is a necessary tool for the guitar teacher! Check out these four sizes of blank free guitar tabs.

Guitar scale

Guitar Scale Wall Chart, The C scale is featured. That's how I began learning to improvise. Time to learn some guitar THEORY and tune up your jams! Read more about the fastest way to learn theory for guitar in the link

3_String_Triad_Shapes.jpg (1028×1500) #guitartutorials

3_String_Triad_Shapes.jpg (1028×1500) #guitartutorials

Naming Lead Patterns

"Learning Guitar: Pentatonic Scales and Lead Patterns Caged" Goal: More practice on Guitar