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You Should Actually Be Storing This Kitchen Staple Upside Down

The One Thing in Your Pantry You Should Be Storing Upside Down

The 10 healthy foods every fridge should have if you want to lose weight. Buy these the next time you head to the store! The new method in Absolutely safe and easy!

Thin your thighs with this slimming workout!

Get Long, Lean Legs: 4 Thigh-Thinning Workouts [VIDEO]

This is taking barre training to a new level! Think you can handle it? http://www.citizenoffit.com/

barre strong workout {barre + strength training

How to stock your fridge with healthy groceries

The Ultimate Grocery Guide for serious weight loss - This is BRILLIANT and I will be stealing her fridge organization when I move out on my own again.

Tips On How To Meal Prep. Perfect for beginners so you do not get overwhelmed! #totalbodytransformation

The key to having a healthy diet and actually sticking to it, is planning ahead. You need to have a plan of what foods you will eat, what workouts you will do, etc. By prepping your meals ah…

7 Steps to an Organized Fridge • With lots of great tips and ideas! organizing ideas organizing tips #organized

7 Steps to an Organized Fridge

Great ideas for keeping your fridge organised, including clear storage containers, shelf mats and clever storage solutions

Superfoods List | Check out this awesome infographic all about Superfoods. You just might have some in the fridge right now.

List of 10 Superfoods you Should Include in Your Diet

The Health Benefits of 20 Popular Superfoods: Blueberries, Quinoa, Salmon, and

Organización de complementos

Organización de complementos

Free DIY Project Plan: Learn How to Build a Jewelry Organizer. I know this is how to build something for jewelry, but wouldn't it be awesome to build it and modify the front to hold pictures and the inside for art stuff?

45 minute full body conditioning gym workout. Mixes treadmill intervals with tabata strength training.

Even if you live in a small space (e. a studio apartment), you can still get a great workout with one simple, very inexpensive piece of equipment -- a towel!

This delicious banana boost smoothie will give you such a great start to the day. With the added almonds providing vitamin E and the bananas being a great source of calcium, this is a great instant energy booster. Plus it's only 378 calories per serving!

Banana Boost Smoothie

A banana boost smoothie! Still made regularly and still a great start to your day. The health benefits are numerous. A quick and easy way to get essential vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients.