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DUDE!!! I loved these roller skates!!!Fisher Price #2344 Adjustable 1-2-3 Roller Skates by Fisher Price, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004XJR0LG/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_wap4pb16AJJCF

They didn't look just like this but how cool where adjustable skates! I had some.

Vintage Fisher Price Little People Figure with Vehicle Construction Dump Truck Toy by LittleShopofWhatNots on Etsy

This is a cute little dump truck that actually has moving parts, the truck bed lifts up, see photo. The driver is a fisher price figure.

Fisher Price Toy Obsession . . . this person needs to share!  :)

Vintage Fisher Price Collection… I may have been born in later then most of these toys were made, but we had almost all of these! My mom loved hand-me-downs.

Fisher Price Little People Playground #2525 from the late 80's.

This week on Fisher Price Fridays it's the Little People Playground . The playground set was made between This partic.

This was literally my childhood!!! Besides the little princess

Some of the best kids movies to of the I have watched Madeline Matilda and parent trap there great movies and the little princess is a good one watched that

Vintage Fisher Price 1973 Bouncing Buggy Pull Toy

This toy will show students how toy cars have changed over time and why they think cars have become more advanced.

Proud owner of this set.  Currently at my mom's for the grandbabies to play with.

Image detail for -years made fisher price toy department department 7 playsets 1988 1990 .-my kids play with this at my parents house