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You have to respect everyone's beliefs

You don't have to respect everyone's beliefs. You don't have to respect any.

Se necesita ser un artista de la estafa para hacerse rico vendiendo a la gente, por el diez por ciento de su renta y sin pagar impuestos, un producto invisible que, en el mejor de los casos, no podrán ver hasta después de su muerte.

It takes a special kind of con artist to get rich without paying any taxes by selling people an invisible product for of their income that they can't see until after they die.

Racism- if only everyone could see things from the other point of view like this.

"You just don't understand why I am so angry. It's not the past that saddens me, it's the future." Powerful graphic regarding racism

Or, he could have banned rape, but he chose not wearing clothes of 2 different fibers. I think God's problem is massive allergies.

This is how we know morality doesn't come from religion. The bible doesn't say slavery is wrong. The bible has been used to defend slavery. But we know it's wrong. We didn't need the bible to tell us so.

No need to pray for anything...

You'll "pray" for me? That's going to do the same amount of things if I write a letter to Santa Claus. Which is, you guessed it, nothing

Trump Idiotic trump base Closet racists who all post the same racist posts. But will post any picture with a black person supposedly espousing their racist beliefs simply so they can say seeeee im not a racist look at this black guy i posted.

If they make abortions illegal, they should make it illegal for men to desert women after getting them pregnant. If women can't back out of pregnancies, men shouldn't be able to either

...when it comes to assholes who refuse to rationally discuss their beliefs

Atheism, Religion, Christianity, Islam is Imaginary, Westboro Baptist Church. We need to stop letting the minority of a group determine our outlook on the majority.

Religion breeds war. It is not the answer.

Human beings are being slaughtered daily around the world because they don't share the same imaginary friends. It's called Religion.