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bonsais con un aspecto magico 24

bonsais con un aspecto magico 24

Миниатюрные деревья бонсай✖️More Pins Like This One At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest ✖️Fosterginger.Pinterest.Com.✖️No Pin Limits✖️

a survivor! Love the deadwood trunk! Dainty leaves & excellent pruning has given the tree realistic movement. I know we have Misho set, but I can't help finding more excellent and interesting examples.

An adult snail (large brown shell) and Northern rock barnacles of various ages…

"    White Dragon   "

Cartagena Bonsai: El cisne tanuki, or Swan Tanuki. This looks more like a dragon to me. Gorgeous and dramatic either way!

#European #spruce #bonsai of Walter Pall http://www.roanokemyhomesweethome.com

European Spruce Bonsai by Walter Pall. Sometimes a cracked tree can survive by pointing its branches upward. The old root system can provide the branches with enough nutrients to survive.

L'Art du Penjing, ves petits paysages de bonsais.  Art of Penjing, small bonsai landscapes.

“Penjing” in Chinese literally means “landscape in a pot”. Their art is more of reproducing a miniature landscape than creating a perfect tree as the Japanese are doing with their bonsai.


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