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made this for all of you that hate emo vampiers and love bad ass hunter like sam and dean sam dean and edward cullen

Bloody hell is funny because he is the king of hell and if he gets shot then there properly will be lots of blood in hell

Supernatural by lola

” Dean: “You've got to be kiddin’ me! Sam…check it out!” Sam: “What?” Dean: “Too soon?” Sam: “Yeah, Dean… I’m pretty sure 6 seconds is too soon…”

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I wish I could check my closet and find Dean Winchester!

The more you know

in Infographics. I love that someone actually took the time and got all this information. our fandom is insanely dedicated. <--- there has been an episode in Arizona, season 8 or 9 I think

Supernatural with one picture

If i had to describe Supernatural with one picture. XD<< I mean maybe season one but if you wanna accurately display the entire show just right one world "Feels"


Sam: "So what kind of thing likes virgins and gold?" Dean: "P." Sam: "You know, it's comforting." Dean: "What's that?" Sam: "I died for a year, came back, and you're still not funny." Dean: "Shut up, I'm hilarious." - Supernatural "Like a Virgin"

THE JOSHUA COMMENT THOUGH! I fucking lost my shit there XD also, I'm pretty sure Cas gives a big shit about Sam Winchester as well. stop ignoring that guys >.>

Best angel descriptions ever. I still can't get over Anna. "Died due to her ownership of a vagina"<< Best description of SPN angels

supernatural killed Hitler awesome season 12

supernatural killed Hitler awesome season He still wouldn't shut up about in the next episode. Not that I'm complaining, I too wouldn't shut up if I killed Hitler


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Dean Winchester, cross road, Dean is now a demon, does this post make dean a cross roads demon?

"This was like the five minutes into the first episode" BUT IT'S SOO TRUE!!

the moment I fell in love with Dean Winchester - supernatural pilot episode