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smile …. who me?

I am an animal lover and a design artist working with customers worldwide doing design work with photographs, fractal and other digital programs.

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The Humor Train

The Munchkin is a cat breed created by a naturally occurring genetic mutation that results in cats with abnormally short legs. They are dachshunds among cats. The Munchkin is a cat breed cr

A cat being a jerk to another cat.

Which one would you choose as your pet : A cat or A dog ? Do you like Cats or dogs more ?and which are your favorite breeds ? (you can add bunnies as a bonus pet xD) thanks :). asked under Society & Politics

Levou um susto.  Sabe-se lá o que viu ele pra fazer essa cara!

No Instagram, gato faz sucesso com cara de mau e olhar sinistro

Levou um susto. Sabe-se lá o que viu ele pra fazer essa cara!

If I fitz... I sitz

Well, its another Monday, and you know what that means for Maru. It's just another day of jumping in and out of boxes. Curse you Maru and your kitty cuteness!

Funny Cat Custome Part 2 #cutecat - About cat at Catsincare.com!

I love to laugh, and can find humor in most things. The Make Me Laugh series was born out of fun, so I hope you have come here to see which Easter.