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“ Amazing colors of nature ❤ ”Macaw feathers” by Octavio Campos Salles ”

nature's colour combos are gorgeous

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Hermès - Christmas

Set of 6 Mixed 2 Size Purple Yellow Green Round Paper Lantern Lampshade for Wedding Birthday Mardi Gras Halloween Party Decoration DMS http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B013Y9YO2S/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_Qk.-wb1X9H73Z

A great way to decorate this mardi gras is with the purple, green and yellow mardi gras paper lanterns.

https://flic.kr/p/b3pY3v | Feather closeup ... | Closeup of a Kingfishers wing feathers. It sadly lost its life after flying into a cottage window in mid december, and was brought round to me to take any photos before it was buried in their garden. Here you can see how the colours change with the light . It was photographed outside in morning light. Thanks to Olly for lending me his 90mm Tamron Macro lens.

Close-up of a Kingfisher's wing feathers: the colours change with the light. It was photographed outside in morning light

Argus Pheasant Feathers | Classic Salmon Fly Tying Materials | Fly Tying Feathers

The breast feathers on the male Argus Pheasants have long soft fibers.

Value Landscape-Students choose one neutral color and one warm or cool color for the sky. Lines are sketched across the page (top line/horizon line) and with the chosen prismacolors, value and shading become the focus of the drawing lesson.

The shading of the landscape, the texture being of the landscape shows a smooth surface, many different types of lines that are being used.