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He's older than Adam & Eve and a bit set in his ways. I'm four thousand years old, you know.

Shouldn't God update the Bible so that we at least know the earth isn't flat and we can't own slaves anymore?

David G. McAfee

Atheism is the natural state, religion is learned behavior

Science wins. Come on, Religion, you can do better than that...

New nose for Taliban victim Aisha

PP wrote: "Religion should never overrule morality, decency, and compassion.

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Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Faith, No Proof. Faith is belief without and against evidence and reason; coincidentally that's also the definition of delusion.

If his greater plan necessitates that children suffer, it's a lousy plan and he's not worthy of praise.

My mother in law just told me that Tim Tebow is proof of God. I Facebook tagged her in this photo in response. Too harsh?

Stuff like this makes me appalled that people still believe in "the power of prayer"

EVERY believer thinks god is on their side. So God is either a lying douchebag playing BOTH sides and laughing his a** off at us or THERE IS NO GOD!

Any more tweaks and the Pledge of Allegiance will never have the same meaning as when it was first written. The current version should be left alone!

The evolution of the US Pledge of Allegiance. Notice that the last time it was changed was during the McCarthy era and that was a fear reaction to all those godless communists.


What kind of people would a faith create if this is the 'god' approved norm? Bible study - biblical morals: have sex with your daughters. This is morality?

I'm not an atheist but this is funny and true. The bible is a story...

Makes perfect sense Im not an atheist in the purest sense of the word but I truly am anti-religion.

American Irony…

American Irony…

Only in America do we engrave IN GOD WE TRUST next to a portrait of a non believer Atheism, atheism quotes, Atheist, atheist quotes, Daily Atheist Quotes

Belief does not make a thing true, no matter how much you want to believe it.

Belief does not make a thing true, no matter how much you want to believe it.