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Hey, a Steve Jobs quote without a picture of him all white and radiant and saintlike!

With facetime we can chat with anyone back home anytime we want . wait, they don't have this iPad thing do they?


Male Dallas Zoo gorilla to get therapy for sexist attitude - U. News

People can be so committed to seeing themselves at the top of they food chain they fail to consider the needs of all living beings. I believe that this is the nature of our dominant tendency for self deception.

Zoo Atlanta is currently home to North America’s largest population of gorillas. Western lowland gorillas live in troops led by a dominant silverback, several adult females, and their offspring.

Anne ile yavru Orangutan

Ragunan zoo has been launched Ragunan zoo app. Invented by Sandy Colondam through Indosat, Ragunan zoo app is a great innovation for worldwide zoo industry.

I can’t even handle this. It’s so sweet!

Maman gorille et son petit *is in French meaning: mother gorilla and a small child

Like Chimpanzees, Gorillas also form a part of the great apes. They are 10 times stronger than an average human. Gorillas are pure vegetarians and they take up the responsibility of planting seeds.

Mamá gorila

Mamá gorila

El autocontrol en un niño de tres años es similar al de un chimpancé / Noticias / SINC

In an undisclosed location somewhere in an underground catacomb deep under Westminster, project Megachimp has been underway for several months now.