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Another monster for Algadon, an online browser-based RPG. Check it out here: [link] Pencil drawing with digital color.

Dragon Tribal Tattoo

This is & completed commission of a vertical tribal dragon design. I do apologize for the obnoxious watermarks but they have been put in place to help cut down on the prolific theft of my artwork .

Dragão                                                       …

Dragon Tattoo Designs

The Chinese Dragon represents wisdom, good luck, and good will. This is the way most ancient Chinese portray the dragon. The Japanese Dragon represents balance in life. It is seen to balance the yin and yang in one's life.

Resultat d'imatges de dibujos tatuajes tribales

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Justin Gibbens.

Justin Gibbens' Striking Watercolors Add A Beautiful, Symbolic Twist To Animal Portraiture

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design Ideas

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