Besser Block walls all lined up with grout-like joining cement actually look quite nice.

Serpentine Stone - contemporary - living room - san luis obispo - by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture


Transportable and Sustainable the Beach Hut Rests on 2 Wooden Sleds in New Zealand, designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects

David Easton inspecting the block work in progress. One of the drawbacks to stacked bond rather than running bond is that vertical reinforcing bars are required in all cells prior to grouting with high strength low carbon concrete.

Stanford University Discovers Watershed Block

Stanford Watershed Block used in a sustainable campus building at Stanford University.

#hans house

Hans House by Michael Ong Design Office External space penetrates into the mass of the house.

bowen island residence, by west vancouver firm burgers architecture inc.

Loving the portfolio of Vancouver- based, award-winning architecture firm Burgers Architecture .

Cinder Block Wall Decorating Ideas Exterior Midcentury With House

Balancing the introverted nature of a courtyard with the bold personality of an extrovert all while managing matters of privacy, this renovation builds on its solid mid-century roots.

Cinderblock walls. Love.

Still life with IKEA lampshade and ventless fireplace. The unfinished, black, welded-steel railing borders steps made of framing lumber, which emit a friendly, old-fashioned creak as Walz treads up and down.