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Learn to tie several Linked Overhand Knots.

How To Tie A Overhand knot with Drawloop - Knot

An Overhand Knot with a Draw-Loop is made one of two ways; one way is to make a bight in the rope, then with the working end make an overhand knot around.

イアンノット ほどけない 靴紐 結び方

イアンノット ほどけない 靴紐 結び方

surgeons knot

The surgeons knot is a great jewelry making knot to use with a really slippery cord like Stretch Magic or fishing line, or if you just want to make triple sure that your knot won't come undone.



Double Sheet Bend

The Double Sheet Bend is tied very much like the Sheet Bend, but it just adds one more round turn below the first one. The Double Sheet Bend.

Surgeon's Knot - Dava Bead & Trade

Surgeon's Knot - Dava Bead & Trade

Two Strand Overhand Bend Knot

The Two Strand Overhand Bend is also known as the; Offset Water Knot, European Death Knot, overhand flat knot, (or simply) Overhand Bend.

Strangle Knot

The Strangle knot is a Double Overhand Knot under a riding turn with an object running through it. The Strangle Knot is considered a simple binding knot.

Matthew walker knot - Bead&Button; Magazine

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Super Easy Sailor Knot Bracelet for Valentine's Day - Gift

Super Easy Sailor Knot Bracelet for Valentine's Day

DIY Paracord Nautical Knot Bracelet Tutorial from Tried & True. You can also make this DIY Nautical Knot Bracelet out of hemp, leather or bungee cord. For lots more knot DIYs go here: truebluemeandyou

Mystic Knot would be nice with pendant hanging off of it - using Shamballa cord

Free Macrame patterns for beginners and experienced artisans. Learn a variety of basic and complex knots.

Mizuhiki cording Knoting Making

Let's try Cording and Knotting Mizuhiki world