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John Ninnis: Remember the Good Old Days?

John Ninnis: Remember the Good Old Days?

*Photo by The Good Old Days*

S Green Stamps - helped mom lick pages and pages of these to trade in for things we wanted at the Green Stamp Store.

Outrageously sexist adverts from the 1950s when society believed a woman's place was firmly in the home

Didn't I warn you about serving me bad coffee? Outrageously sexist ads from the 1950s show shocking domestic scenes of subservient women carrying out domestic duties for their husbands

Don't buy the wrong coffee! This advert for Chase & Sanborn is light-hearted, but would shock many today

A 1950s ad extolling the energy giving benefits of candy. Oh for the good old days! :)

"For young or old, candy provides quick energy. Buy some next time you shop. Candy is delicious energy food - Enjoy some every day! KIDS NEED THE ENERGY CANDY GIVES. Here's why smart mothers buy candy in cellophane.

Oh goodness... Budweiser you cheeky sum'bitch.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

22 Ill-Advised First Drafts of Great Ad Campaigns

Art Deco Sexist Vintage Ad.      Maybe it won't stand for us... so sit down and get out of our way.

15 Sexist Vintage Ads - sexism, vintage ads