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Book vs Movie meme... Book first, compare movie to it... Normally I don't even have this argument with myself because I've already read the book long before the movie trailer aired.

Book vs Movie

Futurama Fry ponders the thought provoking questions that baffle the mind and body -- the best Futurama Fry memes of all time!

Jeremy Wade bravely poses with the 5ft long goliath tigerfish caught during an expedition up the River Congo in Africa

This Deadly river creature is the Giant Goliath Tiger Fish. This river monster can be found living in the Congo River basin, Lualaba River and Lake tanganiyi.

Jean-Luc Picard against the use of desperate memes with obscure backgrounds. :D

Humor: feeling like you have no one to talk to? (Probably because you are sitting in an empty parking lot!

Vintage Easter Cards: Should be filed under "Things that make me go 'AIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGH!"

Fail: Easter Bunny freak show - Awkward photo fail with old picture of kids posing with a guy in scary Easter Bunny costume looking like a f.


17 Types Of People You See On "Jeremy Kyle"

Haha this is perfect! Bahaha Anastasia's perfect! - It would be more perfect if Anastasia was actually a forgotten Disney princess but she was actually not... Anastasia was 20th Century Fox's first animated film.

Disney- Anastasia was NOT originally a Disney princess. She was created by Don Bluth and the movie was released through Century Fox. In April 2015 Disney bought the rights to Anastasia finally making her an official Disney Princess.

Nothing better than enjoying the heat given off by a burning spider family :)

It was the only thing to do...

Meanwhile in the Athena cabin. Either, another day in the athena cabin.idk, help me

Everyday thought process!!!

Don't mistake this fake smile and professional body language. I'd punch you in the throat if I knew I wouldn't lose my job. Ha ha so true


Funny Workplace Ecard: If I'm to be forced to work with a bunch of adult-sized children, it should be reasonable that I also get to fingerpaint and take naps. this is so funny

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“Pokémon Go” Creature or Skin Disease?


So I watched the vow and decided if I woke up from a coma and Channing Tatum told me he he was my husband, I wouldn't question it.