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Pictus Catfish - This is sometimes confused with the Synodontis Angelus catfish but they are actually different. As per this type of catfish, this is really a native in Africa.

A Glimpse of the Life of Pictus Catfish

"Use your imagination" by Filipe Oliveira. A tree aquascape with a real bonsai tree above water. I LOVE the bonsai!

Aviseg's Planted Tanks Photo (ID 37981) - Full Version | RateMyFishTank.com

Aviseg's Planted Tanks Photo (ID - Full Version


-In this Article You will find many Aquascape Design Inspiration and Ideas. Hopefully these will give you some good ideas also.

Now this is awesome!! Half land half water:) I would put some Archer Fish and Hatchet Fish in the water area and a few Red Eyed Tree Frogs in the top area! What would you put in it?

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