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The Haunting - Dark Poetry - Christy Ann Martine - Anxiety - Depression #anxiety

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Haunting - Dark Poetry - Christy Ann Martine - Anxiety - Depression

I don't think people understand how stressful it is to explain what's going on…

15 Quotes People Living with Anxiety Will Understand

Not sure where this (Mindfulness is the key to release us from the prison of our minds) came from but I like both quotes!

Tattoo meaning that you carry the key to your own prison. because the only prison that can really hold you is your mind. So therefore you are also the only key.

I keep having dreams of losing my daughter only to wake up to the nightmare of it being real. I've lost hope. Since this last election Ive lost all hope. I will continue on for the people who count on me, I will stand up to bigotry, hate, and misogyny but there's nothing left inside of me to stand up for my own soul.

true depression and anxiety help is available with hypnosis and hypnotherapy @ Mental health is an invisible illness that needs support

sweetest thing I have ever seen

Today's a day I need a nest, and more importantly someone to join me. Who ever needs a nest, let's build one. Post random funny things in the comments, start a conversation. We'll all be together in our nest.

INTJs need a lot of alone time, and since they are intuitives they are going to enjoy speaking in metaphor. Their introverted intuition could give them a capacity for “magical thinking”  or “odd beliefs” because it pushes the boundaries of what can be seen/felt/touch/tasted in the physical world. INTJs form only 2% of the population which means that already they are going to stand out from what is ordinary, and they may be seen as “odd” by a predominantly sensor population.

Myers-Briggs® and Mental Illness - The NT Types

Sadly, a common problem with anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental illnesses

Silly me..

Is There A Depersonalization Disorder Test? Depersonalization disorder (or DPD) is an unusual mental disorder, also called depersonalization-derealization syndrome in some psychiatric literature, t…

Chronic Depression is an everyday battle                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Embrace Your Inner Fantasy…

Sometimes it’s better. - Sometimes it’s better to keep silent than to tell others what you feel. Because it hurts badly when you come to konow that they can hear you, but can not understand.

Are you an Overthinker? #anxiety #overthinking

Signs You Are an Overthinker

Are You an Overthinker? - Sharon Martin Counseling & Personal Growth Overthinking is common among anxious, perfectionists. It is obsessive thinking or ruminating. People who overthink feel like their brains won’t turn off.

a littttle extreme but still basically my life

Me. At home, I’m ME. The kids and I sing and dance around like fools. In public, I’m more quiet and super aware of my surroundings. When I’m home with my 3 ppl, that’s when I’m the happiest and safest.

Anxiety quotes #quotes #meloesjuh

I hate being trapped in a group of people. I need a safe space, a safe zone to retreat to if it overwhelms me but what if I can't have that?