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this is why i say @Faith Steely shouldn't drive.. she would soo do this!! lol

either the person locked their self in the car with their keys, or the mom just had a blond moment

Hahaha!! Yup!

LolSoTrue: # 344 when i text you a whole paragraph and you text me back 40 minutes later saying 'K'. Are you asking to be punched?

definitely how i feel some times

This is so true.i wouldn't have to manage my anger, if people could learn to manage their stupidity

I hope that but got his balls ripped off.

Funny Text Message Fail: That's what you get for trying to hit up your girlfriend's friend!

23 Hilarious Parents Trying to Master Text Messaging  10

31 Parents Who Are Better At Texting Than Their Kids

Teenage daughter complains to her police officer dad. He trolls her in style. Don't tell me how to live my life.

There should be a law that this be posted at all Little League Parks.  AND ENFORCED.

How to Be the Perfect Volunteer Parent Coach

great reminder sign for baseball / softball field, but these "rules" apply to every sport. {So true!

All the time!

Story of my life! Autopilot driving isn't safe -- oh well!


so true! I do text random things when I drink the vodka.

Ummm YES!!! late night tunnel runs would be soo fun! @Melanie Kramper Pickert @Rachael Curfman @Jenna Pfeiffer @Jessica Hawkinson @Chelsea Dutton @Lindsay Pfautsch @Ellen Wegner


I wish my FRIEND's houses were connected to mine via secret tunnels. (That would be awesome!

stop stop! im gonna pee

Funny pictures about Stop I’m Gonna Pee, tagged with funny baby, pee, stop posted in Gags

Great now when i start driving this is gonna happen to me...

The mom is saying that Easter is ruined and the daughter is filling bad about hurting a bunny, I love it