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Heritage’s Reign – Der Anerkjendt Fall 2015

Go Wehkamp go! On the homepage of www.wehkamp.nl, a hansom man, with a cute baby…                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Projeto reúne fotos espetaculares de pais tatuados com seus filhos

Tattooed bearded dad with his little baby = mom porn! I can't wait to see my hot, bearded husband do some babywearing!

According to Bioideology, man's maturity is not determined by the length of his facial hair or by his upper body strength. A mature man is a man, who has accepted his moral responsibility to extend his family line. Men, who have chosen to follow the ChildFree, MGTOW, or Herbivore Man ideologies, and, as result, reject their moral obligations to extend the family line of their ancestors, are still immature.

ᐅ Fotos de pai e filho: 30 ideias para amar (e reproduzir!)

O coroa mais lindo e sarado que já vi na vida! !!!

O coroa mais lindo e sarado que já vi na vida! !!!

espresso, beard and suit...there is a part of me that wants to rock this look

suit, beard AND coffee? who am I kidding, I couldn't be with someone who wears a suit to coffee.rather, he couldn't be with me ;

Tatts & beards and neat hair cuts

Ricki Hall full thick very dark beard and mustache beards bearded man men mens' style hair hairstyle tattoos tattooed ink

ꃳꂅꋬꋪꁐ ꁅꋬ꒖ꁅ matthewthompson

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