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I share the same sentiment as     Angelica

I couldnt agree more with Rebecca West. None of us are just doormats who can be walked over because its what society says or the norm. Be more than just what society wants women to be.be the light that shines for all those women who come knocking at

Thinking like this is a slippery slope toward that annoying school of thought that says "ladies can't be president because once a month they're crippled by normal biological functions and emotions and stuff, tee-hee!" Carefree isn't getting any of my money until they learn that there's more to me than yoga and men.

FACT: Once A Month Women Are Totally Distracted By Their … What?

"There are a lot of things women would rather have on their minds than their pantiliner" Exercise, Travel and Men. Because women never think about politics, the economy their careers, education or anything of substance.

Charts: Hollywood's White Dude Problem | Mother Jones

Hollywood has always been male dominated but recently the number of women speaking out against their discrimination has never been higher. When will the film industry start to be more diverse?

...fear of of sharks is seen as rational while being cautious of men is seen as misandry.

the odds of being attacked by a shark are 1 in while a women's odds of being raped are 1 in Yet fear of sharks is seen as rational while being cautious of men is seen as misandry.

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Hillary Clinton Nails It In One Sentence. " I believe that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century." #45. Hillary Rodham Clinton for President 2016 Wife, mom, lawyer, women & kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, SecState, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD

Hillary Clinton Nails It In One Sentence

Hilary Clinton is a strong role model in today's society when it comes to women and feminism. She declare that women's rights unfinished business of the century. She made this speech at the women's annual Women in World Summit April