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Harry Potter's partner in crime Ron Weasley

Always, says Ron. This is not acceptable, but it is funny. How come funny things are so often unacceptable?

Короткометражная фантастическая комедия Stryka - FatCatSlim | Гики пишут для…

A sci-fi comedy starring Aimee Mullins & Rupert Friend about the inner life of a reptile alien thief in futuristic Brooklyn.

Rupert Friend and Aimee Mullins

Stars Attend the 'Hitman Agent 47' New York Premiere

Pretty in pink: Aimee cut an elegant figure in a printed full-length dress which perfectly flattered her athletic form

SAG Awards 2016: Arrivals Rupert Friend and Amy Mullins

Special Agent - Vol. 41 No. 4

SAG Awards Arrivals Rupert Friend and Amy Mullins

The annual Homeland bloodbath has begun, with two major character deaths, a pair of close calls, and plenty of collateral damage. And it probably won't stop there — not if Allison has her way. At least, it seems like Allison's the one pulling the strings in this episode all about trustworthiness of the people around you, whether it's a dogged journalist or a greedy hacker or — in Carrie's case — a former partner-in-crime. Quinn is another ghost from two years ago, but one she's happy to…

'Homeland' recap: 'Why Is This Night Different?'

[Spoilers for those who have not seen the Homeland season 5 finale] Homeland producers previously hinted that CIA badass Peter Quinn…

What You Can and Can't Share With Your Dog on Thanksgiving Infographic

Keep Your Dog Safe This Thanksgiving - Help Spread the Word on Food Safety for Dogs

14 fotos que prueban que la magia de Harry Potter existe en la vida real - Imagen 11

14 pruebas de que el universo de Harry Potter existe en la vida real

Thirty-six, that's two less than last year. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! (I'm an only child and let me tell you this is ridiculous.)>>>> I'm not an only child but let me tell you this is ridiculous.