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Mastiff Pitbull Mix | Boxer/Mastiff/Pit Bull – Tawny | Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue

Bulldog, Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix, I think this is what my Tilly must be, but she has more of the Ridgeback face and only a partial 'ridgeback' marking down her back.

Looks exactly like my sam the man....I think we found his other mix..Rhodesian Ridgeback, by Phillip Chitwood..

Looks exactly like my sam the man.Rhodesian Ridgeback, by Phillip Chitwood. Higher butt just like Stella

Pit bull

I bet this is what Dexter looked like as a little pit bull pup :) (minus the white on the nose) The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou Episode Anime .

Buddy the Mixed Breed-Boston Terrier/King Charles Cavalier!

JOURNAL Boston Terrier / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Buddy is a beautiful, unique Boston Terrier / King Charles Cavalier Everybody stops Buddy to say, "look at the little boxer dog", and he acts like one too!

Cachorro pitbull

I would love to have a pitbull mix like this! Beautiful colour, not to mention adorable at this age!

Pitbull Dalmation Mix--OK....THIS will be my next puppy!!

Pitbull Dalmation Mix This beauty is what I have always wanted! But pitbulls are a mix themselves so not sure about the accuracy of the name, but it matters not!

pit bull.  i know, i know...

I would love to get 3 dogs to my "collection", a vizla and two pitbulls 😍💕 although I have no idea how would I manage to walk 4 dogs at the same time 🤔