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All The Times Norman Reedus Looked Hot In Sunglasses

Last week, we listed all the times Norman Reedus looked like a total stud without his sunglasses on because for a while there, it seemed as if he wouldn't be caught dead in public without his shades.

Norman Reedus - Daryl Dixon on a motorcycle and in a suit... excuse me while I melt from all the hottness

norman reedus I never been with a non biker. I'am in my early now an have always ridin my own bikes. But I do love a long legged man . You can just crawl on them an ride them all night, like a good bike.

Not that I'm inspired to suddenly take up smoking or anything, and I still think it's a disgusting habit, but dammit he makes it look good...

a norman stalker on

Norman Mark Reedus added 5 new photos to the album: New Photoshoot de Norman by Amanda Demme.

Norman Reedus kissing a cow.

Norman Reedus kissing a cow. Photoshopped by SpotTheReedus, but I LOVE it!

Kinda looks like Mr. Depp here <3.....I LIKE IT!! :D

Norman sporting a ponytail. This should be his go to hair style from the point forward!

awww....Darryl and Carol

norman reedus on

Melissa MCBride (Carol) and Norman Reedus (Daryl) I would totally let him lick my face!