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Yup I have it on......Nah not so easy to get the name from me

the dumb, brainless girls lusting for just a smile to brighten my day. That is so fucking pathetic.

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sign of stupid asses! called chicken hawks as soon as they bleed please no dont kill me i seen it before! Macbeth: We’ll surely go to Hell for this. Lady Macbeth: And when do, we’ll rule that too.

Oh my gosshhh this is the most beautiful thing I have ever read in my whole entire life... I am not even kidding

Oh my gosshhh this is the most beautiful thing I have ever read in my whole entire life. I am not even kidding<<<Literally one of my favorite poems, hands down.


My darling Jeffrey. how I love it when you kiss me so.your sweet smile on the middle of our kiss.it is such bliss.I love you booh its only you.

told him and got rejected like every other guy I have liked and tried but I'm the most unflirtyist girl and no wonder he dosent like me and of course likes my friend who wears super push-up bras and 5 pounds of makeup. I wouldn't have even thought twice about you if I knew that it would end like this. don't know how I'm ever going to like someone without them rejecting me....

This is how i reacted before . i finally told him i felt. he told me he felt the same way .

A true soulmate, I found someone to make me feel this way, to be inspired, to see the beauty of the world. But then you have to let her go! It's a awful feeling.

Actually don't believe in soulmates anymore. Soulmates are 'meant" to be together and the one person I was completely in sync with and thought was my soulmate hates me, so.what does that say about soulmates?