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Amethyst !!!!!

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space-grunge:  angel aura quartz

Aura Quartz is a natural crystal that has been coated with gold fumes. It is created in a vacuum chamber from quartz crystals & gold vapor by a process known as vapor deposition.

At my funeral, I'm gonna tell them to wait until the end to open my casket. And it's empty. And then, they'll turn on the fan and my beheaded, lifeless body will swing down and one of these skull will fall onto the lap of a dear friend who will say, "She always knew how to rock the party." Wait, that came out wrong...

Carving Perfection

Funny pictures about Pure Carving Perfection. Oh, and cool pics about Pure Carving Perfection. Also, Pure Carving Perfection photos.

"Australian boulder Opals/ like trapped lightening or dragon eggs!"

Australian boulder Opals/ like trapped lightning or dragon eggs!

Australian opals

Rare Large Crystal Opal Mintabie, South Australia, Australia The opal deposits of Mintabie have long been depleted with no new production emerging. The present example was set aside many years ago by the miner who could not bear to part with it earlier.

Dioptase on Duftite and Calcite

Dioptase on Duftite & Calcite, Namibia. Can I have this rock it's as cute as a button.

Bi-color Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline - beautiful crystal creations -were put here for us to enjoy, so stop being afraid of those who try to push new age ideas - crystals DO have healing in them - I have proved it and you can also

Blue Lace Agate Geode | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Blue-Lace Agate Geode Geodes hold little secrets of the infinite universe.miniature peaks into eternal beauty.surprises, sparkles like stars.

Huge Aquamarine

A friend asked me about the aquamarine tiara the other day, commenting on how large the upright aquamarines were. 'S', Aquamarine crystals can be very large indeed!