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Fast shutter speed...I'm definitely trying this.

20 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography (And Tuts on How to Do It Yourself) - awesome site with lots of tutorials. Definitely I must peruse this when I have time! Note to self!

Paint Splatter. I have always wanted to take a picture like this

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Markus Reugels, Liquid Planets  Using high-speed photography to capture the precise moment a water droplet frames a planetary background, with no computer manipulation whatsoever

Photographer Markus Reugel recently captured this incredibly sharp photo of Earth in a water drop using his trademark set-up. Called Falling Earth, it's the latest in his ongoing series titled Refractions. There is a map in the background

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Biochemist and photographer Linden Gledhill uses high speed cameras to capture paint dancing to the vibration of a sound speaker. The results look like outlandish sculptures made of liquid plastic or wax, but they exist for only a fraction of a second

High Speed Photography, Alan Sailer unusual hobby. In his garage he has made the stand on which an air rifle shooting a variety of products and items.

High Speed Destruction Photographer Alan Sailer spends an inordinate amount…

Paul Nelson's Wild Birds Flying is a series he shot using a portable, high-speed camera rig prepared specially for this job

Wild Birds Flying: a high-speed photo series by Paul Nelson

Photographer Pierre Carreau was born in 1972 near Paris surrounded by a family of artist, all of which would influence his creative upbringing as well as his artistic output. Carreau’s work has now moved into fine art as he shoots waves with a variety of high speed cameras using various macro and wide angle lenses, capturing water shapes that appear more sculptural than liquid.

Liquid Sculptures: Powerful Waves Photographed by Pierre Carreau Seem Frozen in Time