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Dance quotes by li_ledesma on We Heart It

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Dancing is all about expressing yourself. ♥ if you like to Dance then you'd probably like a PopUp Remix cardio dance party!

Yeah! Sort of annoyingly, they get over too quickly

Little Dance Things How endless hours of work all comes down to 3 minutes on stage.

Here's to the dancers

Everything goes away when I'm on stage and when I'm putting everything into my dancing. All the pain. Because dance is the only thing that helps me forget


Burnout Tank Top - Dancers Turn Out Better. Can someone buy this for me?

Haha!! So true!! Everyone around me is always like "what the heck! You're like a rubber band!!" And I'm like "haha! ....yeah...."

I don't take dance lessons anymore, but I am still pretty flexible. I stretch in front of my friends and they are wondering how I can still do a scorpion and the splits even though I'm not taking dance lessons lol!

Don't forget we can also shower in under 2! #Thanks to dance

Thanks to dance I can change my costume, makeup, and hair all in under 5 minutes