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It is called "Dysfunctional Valentine Hearts." Please stay away dysfunctional Valentine Hearts from me. I only want healthy, fun, adventure, sweet and romantic Valentine Hearts.


5 Realistic Ways to Reduce Stress While Trying to Conceive

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I don't know, Gary.  They're not digital.  It appears we're in some sort of undeveloped country.

Funny pictures about They're Not Digital. Oh, and cool pics about They're Not Digital. Also, They're Not Digital photos.

Cute joke for your Saturday. #hairjoke #joke #funny

check out this picture and have a great laugh! Bad Easter Egg Dye Job online Easter Comic is very funny, One Easter Egg says to the others, check out the dye job on that tramp! the cool comic Easter Chick Say

Corny Snowman Humor: This birthday cake tastes like boogers! Well, it is carrot cake.

funny picture for weight loss motivations Motivational Quotes for Weight Loss

Humor In Dites & Fitness Weight Watchers diet pills. How to lose weight fast ?

When people ask me, "How did you get to be so creative?" I tell them it's because I ate paste as a child.

It was the paste! All these years I thought I got my creativity from my Mom. I wonder if she ate paste too. The art teacher at school would get so mad at me.

I love you THIS much... That's not very much...

t-rex problems. haha don't know where are the t-rex jokes are coming from but too funny


Funny pictures about Church mice. Oh, and cool pics about Church mice. Also, Church mice photos.

The Definitive Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Definitive Mother's Day Gift Guide

Motherhood, Inc. - Human Resources: One vacation day a year? We call it Mother's Day, but technically you still have to work :) ahahah

Oh, you don't want these eggs?

Oh, you don't want these eggs?

Funny pictures about Angry uterus. Oh, and cool pics about Angry uterus. Also, Angry uterus.

Me and Shannon (shannon dies....and I appreciate the pun) hehe

Funny pictures about I've been shot. Oh, and cool pics about I've been shot. Also, I've been shot.

Gun-nut humor...

Funny Shotgun Shell Cartoon Fired Pun Image Joke - What happened to you? I got fired