Fruit Parfait Candle

Fruit Parfait Candle

Jamaican Me Crazy Scented Gel Wax Candle by livingtreecandles. Explore more products on

Check out Jamaican Me Crazy Candle. Scented Gel Wax Candle on livingtreecandles

Fruit Parfait in Elegant Glass. Log on to

Ascention Candles creates homemade scented candles that look and smell like desserts and beverages.

Vanilla Cola Float Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda Candle 16oz - Realistic Parlor Float Candle

Old Fashioned Vanilla Cola Float Candle

Here's a Real Blast From the Past! Old Fashioned Vanilla Cola Float Candle - vintage inspired candle crafted to ensure an incredible scent throw and a delightfully long burn time. - Gel, paraffin and