Friendship Bracelet Pattern: Diamonds or Fish / Diseño de pulsera de la amistad: diamantes o peces

This intermediate friendship bracelet pattern is made with forward and backward spiral knots which form diamond shapes. With one slight alteration, you can also create a fish design using the same technique!

Must learn the secret of Button Friendship Bracelets.

One of the MOST challenging friendship bracelets I've tried to make. But I love the Button detail at the end, pretty clever.

Basic Macrame Knots: A Free Tutorial by Dottie Hoeschen

This free tutorial will show you, with step by step photos, how to tie several basic macrame knots

Friendship Bracelet Patterns: Zig Zag - craft project ideas

A zig zag friendship bracelet pattern is a variation on the diagonal stripe design, using both forward and backward spiral knots.

Friendship bracelet Ah I used to do this all the time!!!

15 Genius DIY Projects To Keep You Entertained All Winter

Summer friendship bracelets are an essential staple because they are fun to make and appropriate for everyone. Learn how to make simple friendship bracelets with your friends, kids, or just for yourself. Create a classic chevron pattern bracelet.

DIY: easy macrame friendship bracelets

Friendship Bracelets: Easy DIY Macrame Tutorial

Here& a fun and easy macrame bracelet that is a twist on traditional friendship bracelets. This fun bracelet is proof that the best crafts can be simple!