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Scorpion pose is a challenging inversion with a deep backbend. If you have a strong forearm stand, you can start to work on this advanced yoga pose.

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Try yoga for weight loss! The right yoga poses can help you lose weight, tone up, and look and feel your best.

7months ago I joined BUDT and we kept getting told that we'd get there "eventually" I'm proud of how far my team has come our tomorrow is here ❤️

The night before my dad died, I thought about giving him a hug, but decided I could always give him one tomorrow.tomorrow never came.we should never put off until tomorrow what we could get done today.you never know when there won't be a tomorrow.

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treehuggingdirtworshipfitnessloveaffair: "Yoga for the Splits" . practice these poses everyday to gain flexibility for the splits. Start by holding each pose for 30 seconds on each side, work your way up to minutes as your muscles start to open up.

good morning yoga sequence

Good Morning Yoga: minute morning sequence designed to wake up the body. Maybe good for an afternoon study break? Since I am NOT a morning person