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‘Antivegetativa’ by Davide D’Elia | PICDIT

Conceptual artist Davide Delia immerses space and objects in color in his work Antivegetativa

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davide d’elia (The Jealous Curator)

Dan Flavin 2

Art Basel 2015

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Italian artist Davide D’Elia‘s ‘Antivegetativa‘ installation transformed a Roman gallery into a bright aqua ship hull.

<p>Conceptual Italian artist Davide Delia thinks a lot about transformation. He has been experimenting with different paths since 2003, but always concentrating on the meaning of the material at use and its interaction with the surroundings. In Antivegetativa, Delia uses 19 canvases of various sizes, a buoy, a chair and traditional absorbent anti-fouling paint to […]</p>

An Experiment on Immersion and Transformation

Peter Kogler. Creates Interactive Art That Plays with Perception. The walls within these creative pieces morph and change, as viewers walk through the space's continuously altering environments. employing classic trick-of-the-eye techniques. Kogler creates shape-shifting spaces that viewers can walk among and experience first hand. Often utilizing ingenious geometric projections, Peter Kogler creates melting walls, spectacular light shows and bizarre environments

Shape-Shifting Installations

Shape-Shifting Installations - Peter Kogler Creates Interactive Art That Plays with Perception (GALLERY)

Fragrance Lab at Selfridges Flagship Store in London

Selfridges Distills Your Persona Into A Scent In Its Interactive Fragrance Lab

Safe Innovations creative director Karl Lenton has designed the Seeds mobile therapy pod to give prisoners better and more comfortable access to healthcare