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"AHOY There I'm single!"  Really ya don't say...I can't imagine why...

"AHOY There I'm single!" Really ya don't say.I can't imagine why.

I found our wedding portrait!!!! >>>>> Apple of My Eye...what in the world!?

Awkward Wedding Photo: If all she gave him was an apple after he bought her an engagement AND a wedding band. Then I am sure this couple has been long since DIVORCED.

Awkward Family Photos: The Couples Edition    Oooh I love this one!

The Most Awkward 'Romantic' Photos - Ever (PICTURES)

It's like a train wreck...it's so tragic, but I can't stop looking

19 Signs You Are A Crazy Dog Person So even though people might think you’re a little nuts…

Cat Sweater - the it's just wrong picture.

The Daily Five: The Sweater Cat Edition (04-02-12)

Awkward family photo anyone? This is why I am NOT a cat person. cat people are creeepy.