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Ruskin, abstract lines

I don't think Ruskin would have liked Zaha

~ “Outlines of Botanical Geography” and “The Geographical Distribution of Plants.” Engraved map and illustrations within one border, with added color. From Johnston’s The Physical Atlas (1849)

This graphic is a reproduction of a detail rich chart about phytogeography or the geographic distribution of plants. It contains three different charts and the works of two separate dimensions of botanical geography.

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Emma Willard’s “Chronographical Plan,” or “The Tree of Time” attempts to “impress upon the mind” of her young students the logic and order of U. history - The Most Influential Infographics Of The Century

Flooding Mechanisms, Bra, Driva & Ribot - Atlas of Places

Morphology of water policies, Flooding Mechanisms, Bra, Driva & Ribot - Atlas of Places, AA School of Architecture

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Albrecht Dürer, Underweysung der Messung mit dem Zirckel und Richtscheyt, 1525 -- Instructions on how to measure with compass and square on the lines, planes and solids

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Alexander von Humboldt’s vegetation of the Andes (source:. - Figure 1 of 2

Comparative Heights of Mountains Map. Tableu de la Hauteur des Pricnipales Montagenes du Globe. 1845. via Ptak Science Books.

Small, Compact, Unusual Comparative Heights of Mountains Map Mountains small

object-e.net :: experimental architectures / Koum Kapi Competition (2nd Prize)

Koum Kapi Competition: Prize object-e / Dimitris Gourdoukis & Katerina Tryfonidou with Nefeli Charchari, Christos Gourdoukis, Eleanna Panagoulia, Garyfallos Papadopoulos

Humboldts Distribution of Plants in Equinoctial America, 1854 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Beautiful Maps Humboldt’s Distribution of Plants in Equinoctial America by Alexander von Humboldt

Mountains & rivers: the hemispheres compared

Schonberg & Co., The Principal Rivers & Mountains of the World--this one is pretty unusual, and something I've not seen before.

Alexander von Humboldt, Geological charts

Alexander von Humboldt, Geological charts illustrating the formation of mountains, c. (via magictransistor)

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Vintage Infodesign [16

Vintage infographic Geography of Tropical Plants - 1805 Friedrich von Humboldt