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Atlantis Royal Towers and Reflection Bahamas by JoshFriedmanPhoto

Atlantis Royal Towers and Reflection Bahamas by JoshFriedmanPhoto

maybe i should rename this board to "things i want, but should probably give to other people".

Cup ceramic vessel of tea mug It' s only a storm in a teacup pause tea break ideas!

Nine-year-old D.J. Flores is a fourth grader from Fort Worth, TX. When he did some research, he discovered something unthinkable about the U.S. homeless population. He learned that the fastest growing demographic among the homeless is women, and 60 percent of those women are survivors of domestic violence and abuse. D.J. knew he had to do... View Article

9-Year-Old Hands A Homeless Woman An Old Purse, Then He Shows Her A Survival Kit Is Inside

Make Apple Pie Cookies By Adding A Dollop Of Canned Filling To Some Store-Bought Crust



When not drinking coffee theres always the wonderful cup of hot tea!

via It is officially the season to focus on entertaining and spending time with family and friends around the table and we have been inspired by so many gorge

Our Top 10 Favorite dining chairs

I love the contrast of a black or espresso door. We have a pink Wisteria planted to go over ours and I am so hoping that this is the year it grows across the