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Guardians of the Galaxy Poster - Created by Golpeavisa

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

I don´t turn up the music because i like it, its to block out all the shit people are screaming at me.

I don´t turn up the music because i like it, its to block the noise

My name is Zuko Kurama, age is 17, and power is the control of fire and blood. I don't like people, don't want friends, and I don't want to hear anything about how a villain should act so close your lips and shut your tongue. I enjoy music, destroying stuff, and mass murders. I plan to live how I want. I don't need friends so shoo, or I will actually make your blood boil in your veins.

Your yandere love life [P3] (story results)

((Open RP)) I step into the maid café, having come from after school practice with my electric violin enclosed in its case, weighing down my hand and my headphones resting about my neck.

Illustrations by Wenqing Yan

Really enjoy the limited color pallet. Besides that, there isn't enough electric violin love out there. (from Fisheye Placebo by yuumei on deviantart)