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Who needs to be self-reliant when you can always fall back on marrying someone rich?  SMH...

Plan A: Be a nurse, make my own money. Plan B: Marry a doctor, shop with his money.

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: The Obama sticker on your car gives me hope that you're stupid enough to forget when Election Day is.

I admit that I occasionally drool over designer shoes as well but not as often as I drool over books.

I couldn't care less about designer shoes. Give me an old, used bookstore any day, and I'll find a true treasure :)

True story. I mean, I have some vague memories of an earlier time, but since I learned to read when I was three or four...?

I really can't one of my earliest memories is recording myself reading a book called "Sitting On the Farm" on a cassette tape. I still have it memorized from reading it so much and can recite it. that is my Bookfession

That was my reaction too so i showed it to my mom and she answered it like it was obvious and my dad and i started laughing


SNL skit: Kenan Thompson impersonates Steve Harvey on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. His eyes are too funny