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@Nicole Novembrino lets do this to cookie

I've never seen the mailman run THAT fast-would be fun to do to our golden for Halloween-have to find something safe for animals though.

Bed blew up...?

I’m glad you’re back. The pillow exploded. I thought I was going to die! My fat girls.


Dog hiding in corner. Human holding up eaten food: Well. I guess. we'll never find out who did this. - Give your friends a smile: share this!

hahahaha yup @Michelle Damian @Morgan Treppa


Doggone funny dog jokes and pictures. And 64 famous funny dog quotes. Sparky knows a lot of shaggy dog stories. It's a dog's life. Laugh a lot. Bark and drool. Life's a beach.

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Laughing kittens: And then. and then the teacher said. "Uranus is one of the gas giants!" - Give your friends a smile: share this!

Haha... I feel good. Ran a few miles this morning. It was beautiful. The sun was just coming up. And then did some other stuff but the run was the highlight

dog running feet off ground doesn't want to get feet wet, look at me Im JesusIng Jesus Ing, Jesus did walk on water, laughed so hard lol!

A dying homeless man’s final wish was to see his dog one more time…

A dying man’s final wish…

Funny pictures about A dying man's final wish. Oh, and cool pics about A dying man's final wish. Also, A dying man's final wish.