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Caption This! The 'Nice People Dancing To Good Techno Music' Edition

notice that the sign says "nice People" and "good country music".today it should read "a bunch of rednecks getting down to commericalized pop that record producers and executives pass off as country music! Damn I miss real Country Music!

"When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there?"   -- Thich Nhat Hanh

Tell me everything about you. You can go on for hours, I don’t mind.


and this is the part where you find out who you are And these are the friends, these who have been there from the start So to he'll with the bad news Dirt on your new shoes It rained all of may til the month of june the Maine

You call me up again just to break me like a promise so casually cruel in the name of being honest. --Taylor Swift "All Too Well". This song is a lyrical masterpiece <3

Taylor Swift - All Too Well. probably my favorite lyric on the whole Red album -- absolutely love the way she yells it out

Pinspiration: "Enjoy every moment" #quotes #wisdom

Inspirational Quote

Enjoy every moment. It's good advice. We have one life to live and we can't tell how long or short it'll be, so I guess we should fight for every moment.

I've got so much love to strategically withhold. #memes #humor #love

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courage C.S. Lewis divorce quotes

Courage to dream. Courage to live truly. You know all of these are for you, for both of us sweets. Even when you ain't so sweets ;