Robin. The only "celeb" man to enter my dream space and woo me ;-) till next time Mighty Human, in love and gratitude.

Bella immagine di un Robin Williams molto giovane .Beautiful picture of a very young Robin Williams

Robin Williams in 1978

Actor & comedian Robin Williams outside the Comedy Store, 1978 – photograph by Wynn Miller for Time & Life PicturesThe news of Robin Williams’ passing yesterday hit me unexpecte…

EVENT: A Last Standing Ovation for Robin Williams at 4pm on Monday, August 18, 2014.   Information at the link below:

Let's remember Robin with a smile on his face. After all, he put many smiles on many people over the years RIP Robin Williams


Why Robin Williams' Death Is So Personal For All Of Us

Robin Williams "I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone." RIP Robin Williams you will be missed.

the man, the myth, the legend.  I'll grow a beard like that when I'm old.

acteur humoriste robin williams (chicago † californie american humorist actor black and white portrait buste

Jeff Bridges with his father Lloyd Bridges, 1951

Actor Jeff Bridges, born Jeffrey Leon Bridges, with his father (Lloyd Bridges) in LA, California, December The dude & his dad.

Robin Williams' life in pictures

Robin Williams' life in pictures

Happy Birthday to 3 Masters of Horror!  Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, and Sir Christopher Lee were all born within two days of each other on May 26th for Cushing and May 27th for Price and Lee.

The Bat Pack: Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing. Their birthdays were close together: Peter Cushing: May Vincent Price: May Christopher Lee: May 1922

Robert Redford & Paul Newman

Robert Redford & Paul Newman Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Paul was in a whole different league compared to Robert. It shows in both their movies: Butch Cassidy and The Sting.

De Niro

Browse In Focus: De Niro May Play Ferrari In New Movie latest photos. View images and find out more about In Focus: De Niro May Play Ferrari In New Movie at Getty Images.

Gregory Peck. At one time, men were actually gentlemen like him.

movielove:seltzerlizard:londie:weightygoast:gregorypeck: Gregory Peck at the beach, July “ “ “” ”

Robin Williams appears in character as Mork from the hit TV show "Mork and Mindy," on Sept. 14, 1978. The enormously popular sitcom ran until 1982 and transformed Williams into a star.

Robin Williams on 'Mork and Mindy,' 1978 - Photos - Remembering Robin Williams

According to reports August 2014 actor Robin Williams has died of a suspected suicide in Tiburon, California. He was (MORK & MINDY Season One -